When you are not able to show up, this can help you stay plugged in

In a perfect world, nobody would ever miss the Sunday Morning Worship Service, but the sad reality is that it happens. For whatever reason people are not able attend, technology is available that can help. This is why we created a Home Worship Resources page. On this page, you will find the same songs we use during the worship service in a video format so you have the lyrics to sing along. We also have communion meditations to help you focus on the emblems and a suggested format for worship. Feel free to use the audio recordings of the sermons found on the Sermons page for the message part of the service. Have fun and be creative with worship at home.

We look forward to seeing you when you are able to return!

Communion Songs
Communion Meditations

Praise Songs

Worship Songs

Suggested format for a home worship service:

Prelude (A song to set the mood)

Call to Worship (Usually a reading from the Psalms)

Opening Prayer

Praise Songs (We usually sing 2 songs)

Scripture Reading (Could be connected to the sermon)

Morning Prayer (Share praises and requests)

Worship Song (Usually slower and reflective in nature)

Communion Song (To prepare your hearts for communion)

Communion Meditation and passing out the emblems

Offering (Please think about mailing in a tithe if you can)

Song of Thanks (Doxology is a popular song to use)

Sermon (Can be taken from our Sermons page)

Closing song and prayer